One Source Talent

I went in for an interview with One Source Talent today and got rejected. I was a bit confused and sad as to why so I decided to ask the director. They told me that I didn’t seem serious enough and maybe they were right..

Evening Sky, LLC – Free trial rip off

It looks like I am one of the many people that Evening Sky has managed to rip off. They lure you in with a “free trial” of some face cream and tell you that they will on charge you a small amount for shipping and handling. What they don’t tell you is that once they have your card information they will charge you full price for the product and just continue to ship more and charge more. I have been trying to find a phone number or an email address

Best Buy text scam

I recently received a text from one of those random numbers that is not even a phone number, so you know that it is computer generated right off the bat. The text said that I have been randomly chosen by best buy to win a an iPhone 5 or an iPad 3 if I just go to the website that in the link and fill out a form. I had just bought a computer from best buy a month ago, so I thought for a second that this could be real, but I quickly realized that there is no way in hell that this is real.

Direct TV and Viacom – one or both of these companies is trying to gouge us

So I flip on comedy central to find out that there is some dispute between Direct TV and Viacom and that they are going to be taking 26 channels off the air because they have not been able to negotiate a contract. I think this is absolutely outrageous. For one, it looks like Viacom is trying to increase the price for its channels by 30 percent and that just seems a bit outrageous to me. Secondly, Viacom says that they would have given Direct TV a extension on its current contract so that they could figure out the new one and customers could still keep they channels. Who do we believe. – Will take your money if you are not careful

I signed up to get a credit report form and I was happy for the most part. I guess I did not read all the fine print, but they apparently sign you up for some credit monitoring service and charge you a monthly fee after they give you the initial credit report. I am not sure if this is a scam, but it does seem like it is a little dishonest.

Revita la Peau – Free Trial is a Fraud

I have seen this all over, but I figured that I write something about my experience so, hopefully, it does not happen to anyone else. I Sent away for the free trail of skin cream from Revita la Peau and all I was supposed to pay was a small charge for shipping and handling. What they don’t tell you is that once they have your information, they will start sending you more and more product and charge you without your permission. I was charged twice before I noticed what they were doing.

Appsbee Solutions – A Fraud Company

Appsbee was handling my project. They took 100% money for the project by force but Appsbee did not complete my project. I sent mails to them at least 10-12 times, but I did not get any proper reply. Each and every time Jay and Sam cheated me. Appsbee stole my money and project. Jay and Sam is mind master of all fraud cases.


TOTAL SCAM ARTISTS!! I bought two pairs of shoes from this website. Two weeks later I had not received any information from them about a shipment. I sent an email to the address listed in my paypal account. They didn’t respond. I submitted a claim with paypal. Next thing you know, I got a response from paypal saying they received a tracking number from the seller. I checked USPS and saw the package had arrived in New York. Yesterday I received the package. Guess what it was. A frickin’ SPONGE!!

revitalize health beauty – Won’t stop charging me

I ordered some skin cream from revitalize health beauty and they charged me for the purchase right away, but it took over 3 weeks for the product to actually arrive. I finally got the cream and it was ok but nothing special. Next thing I know they are charging my credit card again and I never ordered anything else from them. I tried to look for a way to contact them to bring this to their attention, but I have not figured out how to do so. I have sent them an email that I never heard a response to, and now I am still getting skin cream and still getting charged. – charged my card without authorization

I found a couple of charges on my credit card from and I have no idea how they got there. I never ordered anything from them and I have never even been to their website. I am thinking that they are just farming people’s cell numbers and then charging them for something that they never wanted or ordered. This is scam and I want to help put a stop to it. The charge was relatively small and maybe some people would just not notice it, but if they keep doing it they will end up stealing a lot of money.

xx-shoes / style shoes – Seller sends worthless items

BEWARE!! DO NOT DO BUSINESS W/ THEM. THE SCAM: Buyers make a purchase. Seller sends worthless mdse, but cleverly provides tracking info. Buyers submit dispute/claim. Paypal investigates, but requires buyers to return the worthless mdse w/ delivery confirmation to China in order to get a refund. In my case, I bought a pair of sandals. I received the cheapest 3 inch sink sponge, value of about $.15 tops. Delivery confirmation ALONE to China is $2.35 (15X what item is worth), but requires also PRIORITY MAILING which is really expensive! – Designer Discount Bags are not real

I ordered a bag from this site that I could not find anywhere else and paid quite a bit of money. When I tried contacting them about the item purchased, it took them a week to get back to me with a tracking number. Finally, when I received my bag, it was some cheap sh*t that I never ordered, totally different to what I paid for. What they had on the website did not even closely resemble what they actually sent me in the mail. NEVER order anything from this site, they’re scammers. – Takes money from my account without permission

I ordered some pills from from an advertisement that I saw in a newspaper and I all I supposed to pay for was shipping. So, I gave them my debit info to pay for the small amount of postage and the pills arrived a couple of weeks later. I looked at my bank statement a couple of months later and found that they had been charging me a fairly substantial amount of money without my approval. I called and they person who answered the phone was very rude and told me that I needed to read the fine print which says that they are going to start charging me. I looked at the add again and there was no mention of a reoccurring fee.

Ask – stealing money

I was somehow diverted to this website from facebook are supposedly an online betting for the lowest price for all kinds of items, i.e phones,electronics etc.I bid on a cellphone and “won” the bid,not sure where that is. On further enquiry I was told that I have to pay a fee for 3 months. I thought this was a free site. – charged me multiple times for a free trial

I saw an ad for a diet pill that was posted by and they offered a free trial. I figured that I would just check it out because I had heard something about this mango pill and that it had some health benefits. I gave them my information just to pay for shipping and handling so I could try the supplement. I looked at my bank statement a couple of weeks later and they started to charged a lot of money for a monthly shipment. – Free Walmart gift card is a hoax

There was a pop up that came onto my screen that said that I had just won a one thousand dollar gift card. I then clicked on the ad and I was prompted to add my shipping information for the card and a phone number. After I entered that, I was told that all I needed to do was to answer a few questions and then I would be eligible for the gift card. Once I did that, I was sent to a confirmation page for the gift card and it would never go through. I went through the whole process again and it was the same story. – selling knock off items is a Chinese wholesale warehouse that claims that you can buy items for very cheap from a pool of sellers in order to get the very best price. I went on the site and found that I could get an ipad for very cheap. At first I thought that this was going to be a scam, but I guess that the idea of getting it for so cheap took over my common sense. Before I bought the ipad, I emailed the seller and asked if this item was authentic and I was assured that it was a real ipad. – filed a complaint with the FBI

I have filed a complaint with the FBI and Justice Department for cyber crimes regarding this site. These scammers should all go to jail for fraud. Everyone reading this post should file a complaint at
This must stop. This is just pure “stealing” and fraud. The more of you that file a complaint with the FBI and the Justice Department, the better chance we have of putting these scammers out of business. This site works for these scammers and the bosses are raking in millions. They have gone International with this scam because it works so well.

By: Justice For Victims

Scott Veerkamp Realty – RIPOFF

Scott Veerkamp used Yield Spread Premium to receive kickbacks from lenders. Ask Scott to return the kickbacks he collected on predatory loans.

The financial benefit of Yield Spread Premium belongs to the client…

You can find Yield Spread Premium on the settlement statement in your mortgage documents. It will be listed as P.O.C. or paid “outside of closing.” This shows the dollar amount of the kickback your broker received for inflating your interest rate.

The Center for Responsible Lending estimates excessive interest rates cost families $2.9 billion each year. Please take time to review the following information regarding Yield Spread Premium and Loan Steering… – Won’t let me cancell

I just wanted to get my credit score from and that is it. Now I did read the terms of service and I was aware that I had to cancel the credit service that I would have to sign up for to get the credit report, otherwise they would start charging me monthly. Well, I did forget to cancel the service within the trial period and then I finally realized that I forgot a couple of months later. I was not going to try and get my money back, because it was all my fault and I knew that it would happen. What I wanted to do is cancel any further charges from I talked to a rep and they said that they would go ahead and cancel it for me, so I thought that I was all set. The next month came and they were still taking money from my account. I called again and this time I wanted the money back that they charged me after I canceled. I was told that I could not get a refund because I canceled after the trial period. So, are they saying that I can never cancel, because it is always going to be after the trial period. Anyway, I am still working on it, but I just wanted to let people know that this is happening and they should stay away from

NutraScience – Taking money from my account

I saw the ad for NutraScience on Facebook and they were offering a free trial of some diet pills. I thought that because it was on Facebook that it would be safer than some random website that sent junk mail or had pop up adds floating around. Anyway, I signed up for a free trial and all I had to pay was five dollars for shipping and handling. A couple of weeks later I got a package in the mail that I never ordered and they had charged me over 75 dollars for it.

Global Marketing Experts, Tim Nelson – ripped me off

Tim Nelson or Ivan Moran contacts you with a very convincing sales pitch where you will pay for leads after you close your sale. You will be asked to send a check (not a credit card number) to pay for marketing set up. That’s the first red flag, NEVER send a check.

You will “work” with Tim, Ivan and/or Christine Greene in approving artwork. You will be told that leads will begin in a couple days. But that as far as it will go. You will NEVER hear from them again.

Once Global Marketing Solutions ripped me off, I found that – Misrepresenting brand names

I bought over a hundred dollars worth of cloths from and when the articles arrived it was obvious that they were all knock off. It was easy to tell that they were not authentic because of the poor quality of the cloths. Just at a casual glance, you could easily see the difference between a real Ralph Lauren shirt and the ones that they sent to me. – Cancel your credit card before they charge you again

How can anyone have anything returned if all you are provided with is the customer service email address. Please read this conversation I had with interest. I implore those who have been conned to cancel their credit cards so that further deductions from your account cannot occur.

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