– Sample size is cheap, then they charge huge amounts

I ordered a couple of sample size face creams from and it was only a few dollars for shipping and all that. The sample sizes came in the mail and I thought that I could try the product and see how it works. I opened my bank statement at the end of the month and saw that there was a charge for over 200 dollars from – Tried to bait and switch me

Here is a quick breakdown of the recent experience that I had dealing with It looks like

Crucial M4 CT064M4SSD2
Price when bought 2 days ago $69.99 with promotion. confirmation- around $74
Got receipt 1 day later price $104.99 – original price.
Out of stock on day of call.(today)
Called in the morning(Today) Shoes – Still ripping people off

I ordered a pair of shoes approx 5 weeks ago from otherwise known as “Style Shoes” and never received the shoes. The ‘submit’ button on the ‘contact us’ portion of their website doesn’t work. I’ve tried contacting the email addresses listed on paypal (where I paid) and have had no success. There are reports online that the owner of the site is the same owner of previous sites: and… – Same scam, different site

I have seen a ton of posts about and and almost all of them say that it is a scam. Well they are at it again. It looks like they have just opened another site under the domain It really looks like it is same people pulling off the same scam under a different name. There has got to be a way to stop these people from taking money from people that just want to do a little shopping on the internet. – The site is crappy has been linked on several of the message boards that I go to for modeling and acting. I joined the site, just to see if there where any good auditions or if it was just another BS site. Sure enough, I found that it was just a listing of the gigs that are already posted on craigslist and Mandy. They were even nice enough to keep some of the links back to the original adds that they got from craigslist.

Exclusive Writer – Will not pay out

I started working with Exclusive Writer ( as an Academic Writer on February 17, 2011. I stopped working with them, emailing about discontinuity as an Academic Writer, on May 6, 2011. During this time, I did 6 assignments for which I was never paid. The total amount that I am still to be paid is Rs. 4,792 – RIPOFF

Predatory Lending is a major contributor to the economic turmoil we are currently experiencing.

Here is an example of what I am talking about:
Scott Veerkamp / Predatory Lending (Franklin Township School Board Member.)

Please review this information from U.S. Senator Jeff Merkley regarding deceptive lending practices:
“Steering payments were made to brokers who enticed unsuspecting homeowners into deceptive and expensive mortgages.

SmellHott Perfume Italiano – Overcharged me and gave me the wrong product

Hello everyone,

This is Christina, and here I’m gonna share one of my recent experiences with you.

Last week I visited the popular Smellhott perfume Italio store and purchased some recently launched Italian perfume. I found their prices are good, and offering extensive range of perfumes and colognes. Before purchasing, I tested all of them with the demo. But when I unpack them I was shocked. None of them was what I ordered. I thought it was a mistake. I visited them to exchange on the next day. The manager seemed polite and cooperated with me, but don’t know why they charged some extra bucks from me.

By: Christina Collins

Ask Ziinga – This site is worthless

I went to the website of Ask Ziinga during September 2011 and ordered a steam iron from them and gave my creditcard information for the payment of R660.00. They never sent me the steamiron, but deducted that amount from my bankaccount. They also take that amount from my account every month. I never gave them permission to do so. I want my money back.

Reading America – Total BS

They called my husband last year to talking about magazine subscriptons and a $1000 shopping spree.. basically got all his info and checking account info. Once I figured out what was happening, I called to cancel, they said you can’t cancel it, it was a verbal contract. A few months later, trying to cancel again, and somehow they twisted their words around acted like they would just give us more magazines for free,

Zen Body Care – Free trial scam

Signed up for a free trial of Sensa Weight Loss System and all I had to do was to pay for shipping and handling. Next thing I know I see that my card was charged 96 dollars and I never authorized them to do so.

Ask Ziinga – never got what I ordered

I went to the website of Ask Ziinga during September 2011 and ordered a steam iron from them and gave my creditcard information for the payment of R660.00. They never sent me the steamiron, but deducted that amount from my bankaccount

Scott Veerkamp Real Estate – SCAM

Please be advised that I am providing evidence of “Bait and Switch” advertising on behalf of Scott Veerkamp and his organization. Scott and his company ran the following advertisement in Christian Phone Book: “We will do our very best to help you get the lowest interest rates possible at the lowest possible price.” – openly says they will attempt to con you out of your money

xdating in Section I. 6. on page 18(!!!) of it’s 22(!!!) page TOS openly says they will attempt to con you out of your money, supposedly for your entertainment despite the fact that the only reason members are there are not for entertainment but to meet someone real.

“6. In order to enhance your amusement experience, to stimulate you and others to use our Services more extensively,

Wentworth Direct Finance – Took money from me

I received a phone call from Wentworth Direct Finance to and the asked to talk to me about getting a loan getting a loan. They really did not seem all that shady to me, but I guess that is how you want to sound if you are going to scam people. Well after some initial questions about the loan and what it would cost, I decided to just ask them to send me some info in the mail, so I could go through it a later date. – Fake order charged my credit card

I got an email stating that my order from was confirmed and that I was being charged over 400 dollars. The thing is that I never visited this site and never ordered anything from there. I looked up the site and it is a shopping site for Asian entertainment products. Being a native English speaker and not having any amount of Asian in my family tree, you can see that I would have little need for these types of products. – fake girls and big scam

They tricked me into paying $49.95 for a lifetime membership and now I can’t even find the website?? And the girls on there are not REAL!!
I found one on another site saying she was from Mississippi not North Fort Myers Florida like the profile on
They arwe a big Scam!!

By: hotblooded007 – Just taking money from my account

I never signed up for anything but they seem to be able to deduct from my bank account

By: Greg

Veteran Loan specialist – Won’t leave us alone

This company continuously called us for months regarding refinancing. They claim that our VA mortgage is about to expire and they are Veteran Loan Specialists. We demanded that they stop calling us, but now they continue to send us mail in envelopes that resemble government mail, or information. I don’t know how to stop them without calling them and I do not want to do that. They are harrassing and continually ignoring requests to stop.

By: cmohlman – Offered survey in exchange for fake cruise

I received call on cell phone saying I would recieve free cruise if I answered a few questions asked for name and zip code if I owned or rented. If I used major credit card at store or debit or check. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks this is scam, then I hung up. Too late though. now I worry they got too much info already.

By: 1lindibug – Overcharged me and then won’t let me cancel

I signed up for the 1 dollar free trial for them to look up some listings and do a credit check and then I found out that they were charging me 50 bucks a month. I have looked and looked on their website for someplace where I can cancel this charge and I can’t find anything. – Won’t cash me out

I put three thousand dollars in an online trading account with and was doing some trading for about 2 months. I ended up making just over four thousand dollars, making the total in my account just over 7 grand. I put in a withdraw request for the money and they told me that I would have it in my checking account with 10-14 business days. – fake boots

I ordered what seemed genuine Ugg boots the web site is so genuine. 2 pairs of long grey ones. I became suspicious with the amount of time it was taking the boots to arrive. when they did arrive 4 weeks later it was obvious they were fake. it cost me 25 pound to send them back 4 weeks ago. I send email after email asking for my refund whichnwas £220 but i get no reply. how do these people get awawy with it. how come nobody shuts them down?

botty1036 – Bait and switch

I ordered a pair of designer jeans from and they were on sale for a great price. Almost too good, which should have been the first sign that this may not be legit. Well when I ordered the right brand was listed, the invoice had the right brand, and the confirmation email had the right brand. But when I opened the box, the brand was different.