xdating.com – fake inquiries for potential dates

When you post on xdating.com for free you get lots of inquiries from supposed suitors. Then you pay to join and write back to them not one out of the 7 replied. I belong to another site and if someone writes they are interested and you reply only 1 in 12 will not get back to you.
I was solicited by email to check xdating out and the mail I received from the supposed members appeared to be sincere maybe too much so.
These are paid writers for sure.

By: westbret

3 Responses to “xdating.com – fake inquiries for potential dates”

  1. Romerle says:

    Much like the rest of the reviews . This site is a scam that entices with woman to get you to sign up and pay and then the messages are generic and they are always getting the so called members to email you telling you to sign up and pay for another site to see a more personal file.

  2. steelauzzy says:

    there are legitimate girls on the site. If you sign up as a guy you get plenty of hot girls messaging and liking you but you cant reply. As soon as you pay they stop coming. However if you sign up as a girl looking for a guy/girl you are automatically given a 4 month free promotion and you can message whomever you like. Unfortunately there is no way to search members by their username to contact those who contacted you on your free account. Has every makings to be a scam.

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