Aaron’s Rental Center – Won’t stop calling

I rented a room to a girl and she never paid her rent so I kicked her out. I told her she could come get her stuff when she paid the rent that she owed me. Apparently she had gotten a few of her things from Aaron’s rental center and had not paid them either. This is when the harassment started.
Apparently she had given them my home and work numbers and told them to call me to get the stuff back that she had got from them. Well they started calling me ever half hour and leaving voice mails. I talked to one of their representatives and told them that they had no right to be calling me since I have never done business with them. The rep then threatened to call the cops on me. I told her that she was more than welcome to do so and the best that she could hope for was the cops to let them into the house to get the stuff. She hung up.

The calls have not stopped and they even come to me at work. They are relentless and it is annoying because I have nothing to do with them. I have never done business with them nor will I ever think about doing business with them in the future. They are just trying to bully me and it won’t work.

Submitted by: Dano

2 Responses to “Aaron’s Rental Center – Won’t stop calling”

  1. Omar says:

    Dealing with RAC or Aarons can be a nightmare and I advise anyone to stay away from them.

    But in this case you are holding merchandise that is not yours. Regardless of who own you money the property still legally owned by Aarons and since you did not entered into any lease agreement with them they can legally file charges if they want too. Is not worth it you are not going to see any rent money anyway.

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