Aaron’s – tried to switch prices

I went to an Aaron’s rent to own store and saw a couch and love seat set that would be great for me. I checked the price and was happy to see that it was within my budget. I asked the sales person if that was the correct price, because it seemed low, and she assured me that it was correct. When I went to the office to sign the papers I was told the price was over double what the marked one was.

When I asked about the difference, the manager told me that it was marked wrong and that was not the actual price. I was obviously upset, but I still bought the furniture. I was started to think about it, so I went to a different location that was not too far away and the price was marked as the same lower price that I thought that I was going to pay at the other store. This really got me hot. Back at the original store, I told them what I saw and said that I wanted to pay the lower price that was marked. They refused. I went back out to the showroom and took a picture of the price that was marked, when I did the manager asked me what I was doing. I told them that I wanted to proof to show the folks at the BBB and the local chamber of commerce, which they were members of.

I was trying to leave the store and the manager comes running after me and says that he will change the price and he even threw in a couple of small extra pieces for free. I happy I got what I wanted, but clearly they were trying to pull a fast one. Not on my watch.

Be careful when doing business with these guys.

Submitted by: JMoneyman

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  1. Lenny says:

    They tried this bait and switch with me as well. I just walked away and took my business elsewhere.

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