African Mango Metaburn – Free trial rip off

Ordered the African Mango Metaburn free trial and gave them my CC information for the shipping and handling. I never recieved the free trial product and then I get a charge for another shipment. How can I be charged for a another order if I did not even get the “free trial” yet?

This is absolute BS. I called the company and talk to a customer service persona and they told me that they charged me 15 days after the order was placed for the trial. I explained that I did not even get the product yet and I wanted them to cancel my account and never send me anything every again. I was also told that they do not give refunds, but they could send me another bottle for my troubles. Why would I want a promise of more stuff that I would probably never get anyway. Never try to get anything from these guys.

Submitted by: JamesH

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  1. jen says:

    Same thing happened to me last week. I ordered Aftrican Mango and Metaburn on 22nd Oct and was billed before I even received it. Emailed them to discuss this “trial” but it was like talking to a brick wall, so I cancelled my credit card to prevent any more huge charges for what seems to be rubbish. IT DOES NOT WORK!

  2. Xara says:

    Can you say SCAM?!!!! These guys are horrible, i ordered on the 25th of October and after 15 days,they debited my account for another shipment when i havent received the bottle yet. I’ve only received a single bottle of metaburn on the 20th day and no African mango. So i called them to report the issue and they told me they dont give refunds,said sorry for the incovenience and that what can they just do is to cancel my account so it wont debit again on the next month. The service is total crap, i called once again a while ago cause i still havent received the free trial offer of african mango yet and the 30day free trial offer for both pills that they debited on my account,they just told me they already sent it out but they have no control of what happens on the mail. I suggest never ever think about buying from these guys again, there service is crap and total rubbish. I even reckon that there product does not work!

  3. han says:

    i ordered & never received, im still within the cancellation time frame, will they cancel if i email?

  4. Sophia says:

    what is the number and email to contact to cancel this order, as the same thing has happened to me?

  5. Jessica says:

    Same thing has happened to me. I ordered the free trial through an ad on facebook. I ordered on the 19 of november and was told i would receive my order by the 26 of november then got charged over $100nzd a couple of weeks ago for the next bottle so i rung them and told them i still hadnt received my free bottle and could i please have a refund, they said sorry we can not give you a refund as the payment has allready been processed. but what we can do is cancel your account with us so you wont be billed again and as an apology for you not receiving your free tril bottle yet we will send you one free bottle of both products you have ordered. It is now the 22 of december and i still havent received anything from them.

  6. Lucinda says:

    The day I ordered the meta burn and African mango, I saw all the info this is a big scam, I have emailed and asked them to not subscribe me to any future orders or change me for them, I have got no response the contact number I have 448081683669 is saying this number is not in use. I cancelled my bank cards but am told they could easily get my new number if they say I subscribed to something.
    Can anyone tell me if the email address will reach some one and they will cancel this stupid subscriptions and does any one have a contact numbervthat actually get through to them. If I email the African mango does that include meta brun

  7. melissa says:

    can I have a number 2 ring the metaburn and african mango in australia please

  8. Kevin says:

    This is a total rip-off. I have been trying to cancel this for days. One of the numbers I called is no longer in service, and the customer service reps on the other number (the one that appears on my credit card statement) cannot find my file anywhere unless I give them my credit card info again. I have an order number, and shipping information from the packaging. They can’t find my file, and yet they are billing me every month. They have billed me over $400.00 already. Anybody have an email address for metaburn???? canceling my credit card won’t work.

  9. Janine says:

    African Mango total scam. Over $700 later after lots of unauthorised deductions I cancelled the credit card and am beginning the process of claiming under insurance from the bank.

    None of the ph numbers on the web site operate. But some poor lady is getting a lot of calls to her private hm ph.
    Who ever set up the scheme has made a lot of money from desperate people who just want some help to loose weight like myself.

  10. Julie says:

    I totally agree total rip off -deductions just keep coming off my credit card every month.
    Have emailed saying they have no record of my order.
    $480 already. So misleading to everyone.
    Ringing Bank to cancel card.

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