Art Van Furniture – Sold me moldy chiar

I waited and waited for my new chair to come in, so I could pick it up from Art Van. I finally got the call and I went to pick it up and took it home. When I opened the box, I found that the chair was covered in mold.

I immediately closed the box and took it back to the store to get my money back. They told me that I had to pay a restocking fee of 50% of the cost of the chair. I was furious. They sold me a chair that had mold on it and I was supposed to pay them for half of it. That was just outrageous to me. I can think of a worse experience buying anything from a retail store. Never again.

Submitted by: Eric

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  1. Art Van Furniture says:


    Your concern has come to our attention, and we would like to address your situation. However, we need further information before our investigation can begin. Please contact us at 586-983-2134 or via email at at your earliest convenience. Please mention your screen name when you contact us so we can refer to your posting.

    Thank you,
    Art Van Furniture – Corporate Guest Assistance

  2. Berto says:

    Before we got married, my wife and I purchased all of our furniture from Art Van… what a MISTAKE!!! We have two couches that we paid over $2000 for and just after one year of NORMAL use they are both sinking and feel as if they’re going to fall apart. My wife called the Art Van store where we made the purchase and they told us they could not do anything because “… it is normal for couches to do that.” Really? It is normal for couches to start sinking and fall apart after one year of regular use?? I was not aware of this. Anyhow, they continued to tell my wife that they would send someone out to look at the couches and if they were broken they would fix them. So after a few days one of their employees came out to the house and admitted “this was not normal” as the couches were sinking almost to the ground. So he wrote up his report, said someone from corporate would be contacting us, and left. The same woman called us back a few days later and said they could not do anything because the tech reported everything was fine. I WENT INSANE!!! He just told us they were broken and they would fix them!! The woman then told us that they could fix them but they would have to charge us. The bottom line is that Art Van Furniture DOES NOT CARE ABOUT CUSTOMERS! Art Van Furniture LIES TO CUSTOMERS. They tell us what we want to hear and then denies doing so. Please heed warning: Spend a little extra and GO SOMEWHERE ELSE to buy furniture. Go to a company that actually cares about its customers and not lying vultures that try to milk you out of every dollar.

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