– Another auction site ripping people off

This a pay for bids auction site. I am sure many people have been ripped-off. Offices in Malta and British Virgin Islands and and call centre in Leeds. I have done some research. The web host is The planet. com Internet Services Inc./ in Houston Texas USA. The crook behind the scam is Dennis Mikkelsen who I think is Danish. Usually these crooks have their website based in China or East Europe. Mikkelsen’s fatal mistake is that his website comes under the jurisdiction of the FBI in Houston. All those people who have been cheated should file a complaint with the FBI. Mikkelsen uses tax havens. If he is resident in a normal tax country where worldwide assets and income must be disclosed to the revenue, he could be guilty of tax evasion.

By: BOMMY1781

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  1. Jimpy says:

    I have contacted the UK scam and fraud report agency about Ziinga and Auction MAngemnet ltd and Dennis Mikelsen.

  2. Sue says:

    Yep i too fell under their spell. They told me that when i paid for the phone i won, they were going to deduct $NZ119.00 per month as well for 3 months for the platinum membership and if i wanted to cancel it it was still going to cost me money. Fortunately i contacted my bank and they sorted it so they couldn’t do that.

  3. Dr Silin says:

    All victims of ziinga from UK – please, report fraud at – the only way to collectively stop that rip-off…

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