AT&T – Install deal was bogus

I received something in the mail that advertised that AT&T would offer 15 bucks for phone and 15 bucks for internet for one year. It also included free installation and a $100 visa card. Well I thought that is was a good deal so I went ahead with it. Everything went fine and I got my pre-paid card. I used it and then I looked at my bill the next month and it was $75 instead of the 30 I thought it was.

What they don’t tell you is that once you get your card and use it, the introductory price goes away. I thought that I would get that price for a year. It looks like they pulled the old bait and switch. Seemed a bit dishonest.

Submitted by: JJPP88

One Response to “AT&T – Install deal was bogus”

  1. Annabelle says:

    The install tech that came to hook me up was a joke. He said that I would be able to keep my hard line phone and that was not true. I need that phone for emergencies because I am disabled. I came to find out once they install the U-Verse jack that my phone would no longer work. That is the opposite of what he told me. They have caused me nothing but trouble.

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