Evening Sky, LLC – Free trial rip off

It looks like I am one of the many people that Evening Sky has managed to rip off. They lure you in with a “free trial” of some face cream and tell you that they will on charge you a small amount for shipping and handling. What they don’t tell you is that once they have your card information they will charge you full price for the product and just continue to ship more and charge more. I have been trying to find a phone number or an email address

Best Buy text scam

I recently received a text from one of those random numbers that is not even a phone number, so you know that it is computer generated right off the bat. The text said that I have been randomly chosen by best buy to win a an iPhone 5 or an iPad 3 if I just go to the website that in the link and fill out a form. I had just bought a computer from best buy a month ago, so I thought for a second that this could be real, but I quickly realized that there is no way in hell that this is real.

Direct TV and Viacom – one or both of these companies is trying to gouge us

So I flip on comedy central to find out that there is some dispute between Direct TV and Viacom and that they are going to be taking 26 channels off the air because they have not been able to negotiate a contract. I think this is absolutely outrageous. For one, it looks like Viacom is trying to increase the price for its channels by 30 percent and that just seems a bit outrageous to me. Secondly, Viacom says that they would have given Direct TV a extension on its current contract so that they could figure out the new one and customers could still keep they channels. Who do we believe.

ScoreSense.com – Will take your money if you are not careful

I signed up to get a credit report form ScoreSense.com and I was happy for the most part. I guess I did not read all the fine print, but they apparently sign you up for some credit monitoring service and charge you a monthly fee after they give you the initial credit report. I am not sure if this is a scam, but it does seem like it is a little dishonest.

Revita la Peau – Free Trial is a Fraud

I have seen this all over, but I figured that I write something about my experience so, hopefully, it does not happen to anyone else. I Sent away for the free trail of skin cream from Revita la Peau and all I was supposed to pay was a small charge for shipping and handling. What they don’t tell you is that once they have your information, they will start sending you more and more product and charge you without your permission. I was charged twice before I noticed what they were doing.