Autozone – screwed me over

My car broke down and I needed to order a new transmission, so I went to Autosone. They ordered the part for me and then it arrived and it was the wrong part. Let me saw that at this time I was renting a car to get around and it was costing me every day that I did not have my car back.

So after this happens they reordered the part and I waited for it and again the wrong one came. They then figured out that the part number they had in the computer was the wrong part number. Then it was finally straightened out. Well it took another couple of weeks for the right part to come in, all the while I still had to rent a car. I figured that they should help me out with the rental because it was their fault that I had to rent the car for an extra month. Well they would do absolutely nothing for me. It was their fault and they would not do anything at all. I was furious and will never go to them again. I did not expect them to pay for everything, but something would have been nice for all the trouble the caused me.

Submitted by: MikeyMI

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