Bailey Recruitment and Partners – Fishing for personal inforamtion

I responded to a job posting by Bailey Recruitment and Partners that they had put on the internet. I have been unemployed for a while so I have been putting a lot of applications in and this started out looking like any other job posting.

Well I filled out a long form that wanted a bunch of different personal information and then was redirected to a credit reporting page and they wanted me to enter some of my credit information. This is when I realized that this was a scam. They are just trying to get your personal information in order to steal from you. I find it deplorable that people are trying to take advantage of honest people that are just looking for work.

Submitted by: Micky

One Response to “Bailey Recruitment and Partners – Fishing for personal inforamtion”

  1. Queszie says:

    Much the same experience with the Bailey scammers although I did NOT send my resume; rather, I wrote a letter asking for the company name before I provided my information. I got the canned response. NEVER, EVER send a resume to any craiglist post that doesn’t include the company name, location and pay. These folks are evil and steal identities. Trust no one.

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