– not quite legit

I have seen a lot of stuff written about these penny auction sites and people still have questions about it. The main problem is that the website is the auctioneer and seller. So they pretty much have all the control. This can lead to some bad situations for the public that is trying to win items.

The first problem I see is that there are reports of these sites having problems with actually winning. I have read about people being declared the winner and then all of a sudden the auction starts again with new bidders going after the same product that they have actually just won. The site will just say that this was just a glitch. That sounds fishy to me.

The problem with in particular is that there is no bu it now feature. The idea behind the sites is that you pay money to bid on the items. If you don’t win, then you have spent money on nothing. Most sites have an option to use whatever you spent on bids on that auction and apply it to purchasing the item at full retail, so you are not completely wasting them money. does that have that option, so if you lose, then you lose any money spent on bids with no way of getting it back.

The main thing is that these sites are more like gambling than shopping. I would stay away, but there are people that do get good deals. I just don’t see enough of them out there to make, or similar sites, worth the risk.

Submitted by: Trashman007

2 Responses to “ – not quite legit”

  1. brandon says:

    Another problem with a penny auction site. They are popping up everywhere. They are not the best way to get a deal, but you can find some stuff. It is just really hard to actually save money on there if you are trying for any items that are worth it.

  2. Tim says:

    You need to be real smart with these things or you are not going to get any kind of deal at all. Between the money you spend on bids and the price you pay, you could actually end up spending more.

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