Best Buy text scam

I recently received a text from one of those random numbers that is not even a phone number, so you know that it is computer generated right off the bat. The text said that I have been randomly chosen by best buy to win a an iPhone 5 or an iPad 3 if I just go to the website that in the link and fill out a form. I had just bought a computer from best buy a month ago, so I thought for a second that this could be real, but I quickly realized that there is no way in hell that this is real. The address for the web site that they wanted me to go to looked very suspicious and I was not going to click it for anything. Anyway, I did a little research and it looks like a lot of people are starting to get these messages form a variety of different websites. If you are one of the people that is unlucky enough to get one of these, rest assured that you are not going to be given anything for free. The next question is best buy doing anything to stop whoever is doing this, because I am sure they are not happy about someone using their name to try and scam people. It just doesn’t look good.

Submitted by: Jon

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