– Fake boots

I ordered what was supposed to be a genuine pair of Ugg boots from and was completely ripped off. It clearly states on the site that these boots are real Uggs. When they arrived, they were clearly not real at all. They did not have any of the the tell tale signs that a genuine pair would have. The tread on the bottom was different than the real ones and the lining was a synthetic, instead of real wool. The site also said that they would come in a real Uggs box and they arrived in a plastic bag. BestDiscountBoots is obviously a scam and I wish I had my money back. I guess this goes to show you that if a deal looks too good to be true, it isn’t.

Submitted by: KKid

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  1. Ed Rodriguez says: is a scam and should be shut down! I ordered a pair of boot and purse only to receive items originating from China. The purses UGG tag was sewn slanted which was another tell tale sign of a bootleg product. When I insisted on a refund, A women by name of Lesley Chung at only
    offered $50 dollars then and I never heard from again. I continued to e-mail to no avail. I am so vexed, I now understand why people take the law into their own hands. Everyone should constantly e-mail this women until she take this garbage back to china! Til then, I’ll continue to try and have my money refunded.

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