– Free Walmart gift card is a hoax

There was a pop up that came onto my screen that said that I had just won a one thousand dollar gift card. I then clicked on the ad and I was prompted to add my shipping information for the card and a phone number. After I entered that, I was told that all I needed to do was to answer a few questions and then I would be eligible for the gift card. Once I did that, I was sent to a confirmation page for the gift card and it would never go through. I went through the whole process again and it was the same story. – The site is crappy has been linked on several of the message boards that I go to for modeling and acting. I joined the site, just to see if there where any good auditions or if it was just another BS site. Sure enough, I found that it was just a listing of the gigs that are already posted on craigslist and Mandy. They were even nice enough to keep some of the links back to the original adds that they got from craigslist. – Offered survey in exchange for fake cruise

I received call on cell phone saying I would recieve free cruise if I answered a few questions asked for name and zip code if I owned or rented. If I used major credit card at store or debit or check. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks this is scam, then I hung up. Too late though. now I worry they got too much info already.

By: 1lindibug – Fake trip offer

I got an automated call from and was told that if I answered a short survey I would receive free all inclusive cruise for two. I answered the questions and then someone came on the phone and asked me for my phone number and area code. I was then told to go to and use my number and zip to log in and claim my tickets.

Aluma Wallet – They messed up the order and charged me for it.

I ordered a couple of aluma wallets and they were supposed to be sent to me with no shipping and handling. I got the order and they had sent me 7 wallets and and charged me for shipping on all of them and charged me for the extra wallets. I tried to go to the site and use their customer service tab, but it is worthless and does not work. I think that this was done on purpose and it was meant to just rip me off. I have seen a couple of other people with the same type of thing happening to them.

Submitted by: Greg

Hanover Inc. – Check fraud

They sent me a check for almost 1000 dollars and said that I had to go to get a money pack card for the taxes. It was supposed to be for a larger prize that I was lucky enough to win. If you can’t see that this is a scam right from the get go, you need to have your head checked.