CarFax – Posted fraudulent claims about my car

I was in a little bit of a car accident where I was rear ended, but there was really nothing to it. There was just a little dent in the bumper. Well I looked at the carfax report and it said that my air bags had gone off and that it there was much more damage to it than there was. I called and tried to deal with them, but there were very bad at handling the situation.

Budget Rental Car – Insurance rip off

When I was on vacation I went to rent a car from Budget rental car and as I was finishing up. the agent behind the car asked me if I wanted insurance for and extra $40. I asked him if that was for the whole time or if it was per day. He told me that it was for the entire rental period. That was a complete lie.

Autozone – screwed me over

My car broke down and I needed to order a new transmission, so I went to Autosone. They ordered the part for me and then it arrived and it was the wrong part. Let me saw that at this time I was renting a car to get around and it was costing me every day that I did not have my car back.