Global Marketing Experts, Tim Nelson – ripped me off

Tim Nelson or Ivan Moran contacts you with a very convincing sales pitch where you will pay for leads after you close your sale. You will be asked to send a check (not a credit card number) to pay for marketing set up. That’s the first red flag, NEVER send a check.

You will “work” with Tim, Ivan and/or Christine Greene in approving artwork. You will be told that leads will begin in a couple days. But that as far as it will go. You will NEVER hear from them again.

Once Global Marketing Solutions ripped me off, I found that

Exclusive Writer – Will not pay out

I started working with Exclusive Writer ( as an Academic Writer on February 17, 2011. I stopped working with them, emailing about discontinuity as an Academic Writer, on May 6, 2011. During this time, I did 6 assignments for which I was never paid. The total amount that I am still to be paid is Rs. 4,792

Direct Funding Service – Stealing money from me

I have no clue who Direct Funding Service is or why they are taking money from my bank, but that is exactly what they are doing. I was just going through my credit card statement one day and saw that they had take two charges from me and I have no idea why. – BUYER BEWARE



05JUL11 – The sales rep talked me into two sigma lenses vs the canon lenses I was going to purchase.

25JUL11 – I later returned them and ordered the two lenses I was going to purchase.

Now the problem begins.

– Problem 1: They fail to alert you that the item you are ordering is not in stock when the order is first placed.

– Problem 2: They fail to provide an invoice showing the returned product credit and breakdown for new items. Still no invoice after repeated phone requests.

CarFax – Posted fraudulent claims about my car

I was in a little bit of a car accident where I was rear ended, but there was really nothing to it. There was just a little dent in the bumper. Well I looked at the carfax report and it said that my air bags had gone off and that it there was much more damage to it than there was. I called and tried to deal with them, but there were very bad at handling the situation. – Never got what I ordered

I ordered an Tablet from these guys and they sent me a tracking number for the shipment so I thought that this was legit. I tried to find where my package was at, but the tracking number was bogus. They told me that they had to reship because the item was broken.