– never got what I ordered

I ordered a program from and they took the money from my account right away. Well it has been 3 weeks now and I still have not got what I ordered. I have tried to send them numerous emails on several occasions asking where my stuff was and I have yet to get a response. There is no reason that I should not have gotten my package yet and there is especially no reason that I should not – Would not stop theft from happening

My credit card was used to buy some computer hardware from and I never ordered anything from them. I made a call to newegg and they told me that they would not stop the charge or shipping of the equipment. They would not even give me the address that they were shipping the stuff to. So, now I am out the money that they charged me and the thieves are getting what they ordered from newegg.

LimeProWire – Overcharged my card

I signed up for a 2 year subscription and the site said it was going to be 20 bucks. LimeProWire then went a charged my account for almost 70 dollars. This is complete crap. How can this even be legal? I have seen that they have done this to other people and they need to be stopped. Do not do any kind of transaction with LimeProWire. They will just say that they are charging one thing and then charge you whatever the hell they want.

UniBlue – Charged me again for no reason

I bought some software from UniBlue and it really was not great and didn’t do a whole lot. Fine, no big deal. It was not all that expensive, so I figured you get what you pay for. Unfortunately it is now 6 months later, and they are charging me again. – Antivirus is awful

I bought some antivirus software from these guys and it found a bunch of threats and I made sure to clean them up. About a week later my computer would no longer log onto the internet and was prompted that the reason I could not do so is because I had an infected computer. I tried to call the company that sold me this shit and there is no way to get in touch with them. – Worthless product

Signed up with Cyber Defender and that was the worst mistake I could have made. I ran the scan that they gave me and it found some spyware and cookies and what not. The proof that this is a scam is that I deleted all of the stuff that the program found and then ran the scan again. It then “found” all the same things that I had just deleted.