JustHookUp.com – filed a complaint with the FBI

I have filed a complaint with the FBI and Justice Department for cyber crimes regarding this site. These scammers should all go to jail for fraud. Everyone reading this post should file a complaint at www.FBI.gov
This must stop. This is just pure “stealing” and fraud. The more of you that file a complaint with the FBI and the Justice Department, the better chance we have of putting these scammers out of business. This site works for these scammers and the bosses are raking in millions. They have gone International with this scam because it works so well.

By: Justice For Victims

xdating.com – openly says they will attempt to con you out of your money

xdating in Section I. 6. on page 18(!!!) of it’s 22(!!!) page TOS openly says they will attempt to con you out of your money, supposedly for your entertainment despite the fact that the only reason members are there are not for entertainment but to meet someone real.

“6. In order to enhance your amusement experience, to stimulate you and others to use our Services more extensively,

justhookup.com – fake girls and big scam

They tricked me into paying $49.95 for a lifetime membership and now I can’t even find the website?? And the girls on there are not REAL!!
I found one on another site saying she was from Mississippi not North Fort Myers Florida like the profile on justhookups.com???
They arwe a big Scam!!

By: hotblooded007

FriendFinder.com – random charges on my debit card

I found that there were a couple of random charges on my credit card that were from FriendFinder.com. I never set up an account with them, and I have never even tried their services. I am worried that they have somehow got my information and they are going to charge me until I get a new card. Has anyone else had this happen to them?

JustHookUp – big scam

I received mails from fine looking young dudes with fake e-mails that just take you to justhookup. Then all they want is fee to upgrade, Tell you that you have mesages but do not let you respond until you upgrade at outrageous prices.

Cupid.com – Will not stop billing

I cancelled my subscription to Cupid.com a couple of months ago because I thought that it was worthless. If was full of fake girls and scammers. That being said, the site itself is now scamming me. After I cancelled, they have continued to bill be for their service, which I no longer have access to. I have tried on numerous occasions