Reading in America – No magazines

They call you on your phone and are very nice and polite, they try to sell you a multiple magazines subscription…
I agreed because they gave me a $1000 gift card for free gifts that I could have selected on

Those gifts were so shady like 1990’s… Each gift you chose has a min of a $5.00 shipping and handling fee, even if you wanted 20 of the same, you pay individually.

I received a lot of promotional magazines, maybe 4 a month trying to sell me a subscription, but never the magazines that I chose which are supposed to be 8 a month.

Once you subscribe you cannot change your mind and cancel the account after 3 days of grace period that they give you.

One of the worst deals in my life…. No magazines, and I’m paying every month $40 dollars for two years

By: Alexandra

MovieLush – Free trial turned into a fraud

I signed up for a free trial with a movie website called movielush. The offer was for a 5 day free trial, which you were supposed to be able to cancel when the 5 days were over. I wanted to go ahead and cancel the free trial, but the number that they have listed on the website is not working. – complete rip off

I wanted to buy some gold for my world of warcraft character and I went to Do not buy anything from these guys. I sent them my money and I have not received anything. I have tried to call and to email them but I have not got a response in over a month. Save your money and don’t fall for this scam. Is it really that hard to get a fair deal these days? There is so much of this BS going on now that it makes me sick and never want to buy anything online ever again.

Submitted by: Trevor – Sold me the wrong tickets and would not help

I went to the website because I wanted to buy some tickets obviously. I went through all the normal stuff and picked the date and venue that I wanted tickets for. After I had made my purchase I noticed that something was wrong.

Playstation – Playstation Network is down again and something else

I was looking around for some news on the playstation network outage and found that there was a little more to what happened when we had that major outage that lasted for months. It looks like the new user agreement that came when the PSN came back up has a new clause in it. – Complete fraud

I signed up for to get a streaming video of some sports matches that I wanted to see. There was no coverage of the games that I wanted to watch so I went to these guys that advertised that you could buy a streaming subscription and watch from your computer.