– Will take your money if you are not careful

I signed up to get a credit report form and I was happy for the most part. I guess I did not read all the fine print, but they apparently sign you up for some credit monitoring service and charge you a monthly fee after they give you the initial credit report. I am not sure if this is a scam, but it does seem like it is a little dishonest.

Scott Veerkamp Realty – RIPOFF

Scott Veerkamp used Yield Spread Premium to receive kickbacks from lenders. Ask Scott to return the kickbacks he collected on predatory loans.

The financial benefit of Yield Spread Premium belongs to the client…

You can find Yield Spread Premium on the settlement statement in your mortgage documents. It will be listed as P.O.C. or paid “outside of closing.” This shows the dollar amount of the kickback your broker received for inflating your interest rate.

The Center for Responsible Lending estimates excessive interest rates cost families $2.9 billion each year. Please take time to review the following information regarding Yield Spread Premium and Loan Steering… – Won’t let me cancell

I just wanted to get my credit score from and that is it. Now I did read the terms of service and I was aware that I had to cancel the credit service that I would have to sign up for to get the credit report, otherwise they would start charging me monthly. Well, I did forget to cancel the service within the trial period and then I finally realized that I forgot a couple of months later. I was not going to try and get my money back, because it was all my fault and I knew that it would happen. What I wanted to do is cancel any further charges from I talked to a rep and they said that they would go ahead and cancel it for me, so I thought that I was all set. The next month came and they were still taking money from my account. I called again and this time I wanted the money back that they charged me after I canceled. I was told that I could not get a refund because I canceled after the trial period. So, are they saying that I can never cancel, because it is always going to be after the trial period. Anyway, I am still working on it, but I just wanted to let people know that this is happening and they should stay away from – RIPOFF

Predatory Lending is a major contributor to the economic turmoil we are currently experiencing.

Here is an example of what I am talking about:
Scott Veerkamp / Predatory Lending (Franklin Township School Board Member.)

Please review this information from U.S. Senator Jeff Merkley regarding deceptive lending practices:
“Steering payments were made to brokers who enticed unsuspecting homeowners into deceptive and expensive mortgages.

Scott Veerkamp Real Estate – SCAM

Please be advised that I am providing evidence of “Bait and Switch” advertising on behalf of Scott Veerkamp and his organization. Scott and his company ran the following advertisement in Christian Phone Book: “We will do our very best to help you get the lowest interest rates possible at the lowest possible price.”

Wentworth Direct Finance – Took money from me

I received a phone call from Wentworth Direct Finance to and the asked to talk to me about getting a loan getting a loan. They really did not seem all that shady to me, but I guess that is how you want to sound if you are going to scam people. Well after some initial questions about the loan and what it would cost, I decided to just ask them to send me some info in the mail, so I could go through it a later date.