TOTAL SCAM ARTISTS!! I bought two pairs of shoes from this website. Two weeks later I had not received any information from them about a shipment. I sent an email to the address listed in my paypal account. They didn’t respond. I submitted a claim with paypal. Next thing you know, I got a response from paypal saying they received a tracking number from the seller. I checked USPS and saw the package had arrived in New York. Yesterday I received the package. Guess what it was. A frickin’ SPONGE!!

xx-shoes / style shoes – Seller sends worthless items

BEWARE!! DO NOT DO BUSINESS W/ THEM. THE SCAM: Buyers make a purchase. Seller sends worthless mdse, but cleverly provides tracking info. Buyers submit dispute/claim. Paypal investigates, but requires buyers to return the worthless mdse w/ delivery confirmation to China in order to get a refund. In my case, I bought a pair of sandals. I received the cheapest 3 inch sink sponge, value of about $.15 tops. Delivery confirmation ALONE to China is $2.35 (15X what item is worth), but requires also PRIORITY MAILING which is really expensive! – Designer Discount Bags are not real

I ordered a bag from this site that I could not find anywhere else and paid quite a bit of money. When I tried contacting them about the item purchased, it took them a week to get back to me with a tracking number. Finally, when I received my bag, it was some cheap sh*t that I never ordered, totally different to what I paid for. What they had on the website did not even closely resemble what they actually sent me in the mail. NEVER order anything from this site, they’re scammers. – selling knock off items is a Chinese wholesale warehouse that claims that you can buy items for very cheap from a pool of sellers in order to get the very best price. I went on the site and found that I could get an ipad for very cheap. At first I thought that this was going to be a scam, but I guess that the idea of getting it for so cheap took over my common sense. Before I bought the ipad, I emailed the seller and asked if this item was authentic and I was assured that it was a real ipad. – Misrepresenting brand names

I bought over a hundred dollars worth of cloths from and when the articles arrived it was obvious that they were all knock off. It was easy to tell that they were not authentic because of the poor quality of the cloths. Just at a casual glance, you could easily see the difference between a real Ralph Lauren shirt and the ones that they sent to me. – Tried to bait and switch me

Here is a quick breakdown of the recent experience that I had dealing with It looks like

Crucial M4 CT064M4SSD2
Price when bought 2 days ago $69.99 with promotion. confirmation- around $74
Got receipt 1 day later price $104.99 – original price.
Out of stock on day of call.(today)
Called in the morning(Today)