xx-shoes.com/Style Shoes – Still ripping people off

I ordered a pair of shoes approx 5 weeks ago from www.xx-shoes.com otherwise known as “Style Shoes” and never received the shoes. The ‘submit’ button on the ‘contact us’ portion of their website doesn’t work. I’ve tried contacting the email addresses listed on paypal (where I paid) and have had no success. There are reports online that the owner of the site is the same owner of previous sites: angela-shoes.com and mallbabashoes.com…

xx.shoes.com – Same scam, different site

I have seen a ton of posts about angelashoes.com and kellymall.com and almost all of them say that it is a scam. Well they are at it again. It looks like they have just opened another site under the domain xx.shoes.com. It really looks like it is same people pulling off the same scam under a different name. There has got to be a way to stop these people from taking money from people that just want to do a little shopping on the internet.

YesAsia.com – Fake order charged my credit card

I got an email stating that my order from YesAsia.com was confirmed and that I was being charged over 400 dollars. The thing is that I never visited this site and never ordered anything from there. I looked up the site and it is a shopping site for Asian entertainment products. Being a native English speaker and not having any amount of Asian in my family tree, you can see that I would have little need for these types of products.

bestdiscountboots.com – fake boots

I ordered what seemed genuine Ugg boots the web site is so genuine. 2 pairs of long grey ones. I became suspicious with the amount of time it was taking the boots to arrive. when they did arrive 4 weeks later it was obvious they were fake. it cost me 25 pound to send them back 4 weeks ago. I send email after email asking for my refund whichnwas £220 but i get no reply. how do these people get awawy with it. how come nobody shuts them down?


NoMoreRack.com – Bait and switch

I ordered a pair of designer jeans from NoMoreRack.com and they were on sale for a great price. Almost too good, which should have been the first sign that this may not be legit. Well when I ordered the right brand was listed, the invoice had the right brand, and the confirmation email had the right brand. But when I opened the box, the brand was different.

eShoeBuyer.com – could be a big fraud

I placed an order from eShoeBuyer.com for over 200 hundred dollars worth of merchandise. They took money from my account almost immediately, but they still have my order listed as pending after a week. I have tried to call them, but they do not have a working number. I have tried to email them, but I have not gotten a response. This is really starting to look more and more like a scam to me.