– Won’t let me cancel my subscription

I signed up for a subscription to and found that it was really not what I was looking for. It seemed like there was a lot of people on there looking for people with the same name as me, but none seemed like it was me. I started to think that they were trying to scam people in order to get upgraded memberships. Whether or not that was the case, I really did not want to pay these people any more money.

Adult Friend Finder – Mostly frauds and scammers

I joined adult friend finder and was so put off by the whole thing that I deleted my account within a month. All that you get is generic messages from people that I am sure are not even real. Also, I received a bunch of emails from people that just wanted me to join other dating sites and pay them money. At first glance it looks like there are a lot of people on there and that it is a legitimate way to meet people. When you look closer, you can tell that it is 90% people just trying to get money out of you. – Fake dates try to get you to sign up

I joined just to check it out. I got a bunch of messages from girls looking for dates and wanting me to write them and send my picture. I payed the money and joined the site so I was able to do that. As soon as I paid, there were no more communications. – Auto renew against my concent

I signed up for the free trial and then sent in my notification that I did not want to join and pay. They took money anyway and have done so for 2 months now. I have repeatedly tried to tell them that I do not want to be a member and they told me each time that they would cancel my service. – “Accidental” email invitations to steal money from people

This happened to a friend of mine. He was sent an invitation to join and he thought that it was an accident, but joined anyway. After talking with this girl for a while, she then made up some story to get money from him to travel to see her grandma. She kept saying that it was important and they would meet soon and he almost sent the money.