Best Buy text scam

I recently received a text from one of those random numbers that is not even a phone number, so you know that it is computer generated right off the bat. The text said that I have been randomly chosen by best buy to win a an iPhone 5 or an iPad 3 if I just go to the website that in the link and fill out a form. I had just bought a computer from best buy a month ago, so I thought for a second that this could be real, but I quickly realized that there is no way in hell that this is real. Diget LLC – charged me for downloading their app 5 times

Never heard of them, no idea what app’s they offer. I never buy app’s on my phone, I pick free apps. But when I get my phone bill there is $65. in charges from Cellfunz. com /true digit llc. They charged me for downloading their app 5 times. Come’on, 4 charges at $9.99 and 1 for $14.99 I would have never ever spent that on a application. Its ridiculous. What’s scary is these charges can just appear on my bill and I have to fight for a refund and explain I never downloaded them. This company needs to be stopped and shut down. And have charges pressed against them!!!

By: Littledevvi – Product does not work

I bought the product from and it does not work in the least bit. On the site it said that the software would be compatible with my phone but it sure as hell is not. I emailed them for a refund the same day that I got the product and they said to allow 4 weeks for it to be processed.

Moomba Mobile Alert – Unknown text message and charge

I got a random text one day and I ignored it. When I got my bill there were a couple of charges from Moomba Mobile Alert. I never heard of these guys nor have I ever ordered anything form them. I tried to call my cell phone company and they told me that I would have to go directly to the company to get my money back. – Charged my account

I have never been to this site or did any kind of dealings with them and somehow they managed to get my information and take money from checking account. This is outright theft. I want my money back and for this BS company to be shut down. How can they even be allowed to do this.

Submitted by: Jamie

CellFunz – random charges

I never ordered anything form cellfunz and all of a sudden I am seeing that they are charging 10 bucks to my cell phone bill. Never ordered and never heard of them. My cell phone company is no blocking charges, but they were able to steal some money from me.