Comcast – Flat out lied

I recently moved from Detroit to Chicago and while getting the new place set up, I had to order a new cable/internet provider. I was concerned about being able to watch the Lions game, but I have also never really been a fan of satellite TV.

While on the phone ordering my installation, I asked if there was a way that I could get the games that I wanted to see with their service. They assured me that if I added the sports package to my plan then I would be able to see whatever game that I wanted. I though this was great.

Well, NFL Sunday came and went and I never saw the game. It was not offered. I called customer service and they told me that they would pull the audio file of the conversation that I had with the rep. I never heard back. I called again and got another run around.

They will tell you whatever you want to hear to sell you something that costs extra. LIARS.

Submitted by: Jonjon

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  1. Jon says:

    They gave me some huge headaches when they called and told me that I had the wrong address. I am supposed to believe that they are going to shut down my service because they have a different address for my condo and yet, the lease, the post office, and all my other bills come right to the address I gave them. Complete asshats.

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