Aaron’s Rental Center – Won’t stop calling

I rented a room to a girl and she never paid her rent so I kicked her out. I told her she could come get her stuff when she paid the rent that she owed me. Apparently she had gotten a few of her things from Aaron’s rental center and had not paid them either. This is when the harassment started.

Aaron’s – tried to switch prices

I went to an Aaron’s rent to own store and saw a couch and love seat set that would be great for me. I checked the price and was happy to see that it was within my budget. I asked the sales person if that was the correct price, because it seemed low, and she assured me that it was correct. When I went to the office to sign the papers I was told the price was over double what the marked one was.

Aaron’s RAC – Continually harassed

I know that this is my fault, but there are certain things that can be worked out between sensible people. I was renting a couch from Aaron’s and I was also getting ready to move. During the month of the move, I was running a little low on funds.