– Sample size is cheap, then they charge huge amounts

I ordered a couple of sample size face creams from and it was only a few dollars for shipping and all that. The sample sizes came in the mail and I thought that I could try the product and see how it works. I opened my bank statement at the end of the month and saw that there was a charge for over 200 dollars from I never thought that I would be paying this outrageous price for some skin cream. I called the bank and they said that there is nothing that they can do. Now these people have my information and they are charging my account a lot of money and I am going to have to close my account. Is there anyone out there that can help get my money back from this company? It looks like this is happening to lots of people and there has to be a way to stop them. All they do is get your information with the promise of a small charge and then they just take whatever they want later. Do not fall for this.

Submitted by: April

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  1. patricia keys says:

    the very exact same thing is happening to me,they are nothing but thieves.i have to contact my bank to cancel my debit card number and give me a new number and make sure they wont ever steal from me again. scum bags

    • renee nicholls says:

      exactly the same happened to me they are scum bags do not order from this site

      • amanda says:

        yes same happened to me, they took £300 out my bank account in two wks. spoke to them and they cant refund all my money only a quarter of it and will send me a bottle of cream too….. cant believe i was scammed…. beware

  2. Anne Dally says:

    I made the same mistake as many other people handed over my bank details totry a sample face cream only to discover that this firm has chaarged me a huge amount of money How can I stop them from takin any more money in the future

  3. d. morgan says:

    Had bank statement today. 1 payment of £74.95 gone out to and also £74.95 gone out to skin Absolutely gutted. This is daylight robbery. I read the small print and did not agree to buy anything.

  4. yvette owen says:

    Same thing happened to me i contacted them and cancelled my account with them so no more money would be taken out of my bank i also told them i had contacted action force for fraud, rip of britain and filled out a scam report, today 15th March i got a full refund for £155.00 The number to ring is 0808 178 7321 and the e.mail address is Good Luck

    • debbie colclough says:

      Same thing happened to me thanks to your email i contacted perfect radiance this morning quoting your email. They have cancelled my account and promised a full refund watch this space. Fortunately i had paid by credit card, can u imagine my reaction when i saw my statement. I am waiting for a refund of £260.80.Thanks.

  5. Helen Michael says:

    Total scumbags. The same thing happened to me. I should have known better. In the end they will refund you everything except the first payment for the product. Their justification is that you have entered into an agreement for a subscription (in the small print apparently). It doesn’t matter that you never received any further products from them (they are “on the way”). I told them they were committing fraud and that I insisted on my money back- but in the end only got this last payment refunded. I gave up after an hour of argument. Make sure you “cancel your account” with them to stop them form taking further payments. I can’t believe some people would actually work for companies like that. Crooks the lot of them!

  6. Becky says:

    This is a big con, these people are scum. It’s a shame when this is how people make a living these days, Rather than a hard days work. Don’t fall for it.

  7. Carol Stewart says:

    How could iu have been so stupid. They hace removed £150 from my account111 and the product does NOT do what it says on the tin.

  8. Rae says:

    I have today found that this company have taken in excess of £200 in 5 days from my credit card. I received my free trials and also a free gift, it turns out that because I didn’t cancel my subscription (which I hadn’t signed up for) within 14 days I was then charged for my ‘free’ items. What a complete rip off. The company refused to refund me any money and just kept stating it was in their terms and conditions. Cannot believe I have been duped so easily – beware.

  9. Linda M. says:

    DITTO DITTO above, same for me!!! Have now managed to contact company by phone and as EVERYONE is saying the first HUGE payments they keep! The second payments several weeks later are supposed to be refunded??? Cancelled the subscription.
    How can you return the first samples without trying the products? By doing that, you would never receive a refund as it has been used, so you would always lose out!!!! Great way for them to make money for nothing! Will always use a credit card for future purchases on line and only reputable companies. So sorry to hear everyone has lost money!

  10. karen rushton says:

    SCUM SCUM also been done for £205.94

    • ELO says:

      I too was robbed. They took £252 from my account. If you ring 08081683684 and threaten to call the police you’ll get your money back. They told me I had agreed the terms and conditions. I basically said. “your a bunch of thieves and you have no proof that I agreed the terms and conditions” You need to get angry but you do get it back. Well worth a phone call although be careful as I think the phone line is a premium one.

  11. amanda says:

    exactly the same thing happened with my father. They took £360 from his account. I contacted the company on his behalf and after them trying to mess me about I got it through to them that I would not be going away and it needed to be resolved. My father received ALL £360 of the money back in his account 3 days later. So it is possible to get back your money, if you need any help in getting back your money then e-mail me These people are complete scam artists and they need to be stopped.

  12. cheryl ashton says:

    also applied for the cheap cream, received nothing and now some months later find out they have been taking money from my credit card account a total of nearly £400.00 hope to get some money back because this is clearly fraud

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