– Auto renew against my concent

I signed up for the free trial and then sent in my notification that I did not want to join and pay. They took money anyway and have done so for 2 months now. I have repeatedly tried to tell them that I do not want to be a member and they told me each time that they would cancel my service.

This is BS and I would tell anyone to not try this site.

Submitted by: Huewho

2 Responses to “ – Auto renew against my concent”

  1. Carl says:

    Same thing happened to me. I just wanted to check it out with the free trial and then they would not stop charging me after numerous attempts to try and cancel my subscription.

    • Kent kjar says:

      Cancel your credit card, and get issued a new number, I guarantee you .these jackasses, will get nothing ,the next auto renewal .

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