David’s Bridal – trying to squeeze me for extra dollars

I went to David’s Bridal and ordered the dress that I had found on the web and when I went to go try it on, it was too big. I asked my consultant if I should go another size down and she blew off the idea. I was told the next size down would be way too small and this was my size. Then I started going through the process of pinning the dress for alterations. When seeing how much needed to be changed, I asked again if I should get the next size down and again I was blown off.

When this is all over, I go to the register to pay for my alterations and the dress and the alterations cost half as much as the dress did. I started to ask why and the employees really started to get rude with me. After a bit of a fuss the finally agreed to let me try on the next size down. Well even the consultant how had blew me off before said that it fit really well and I might even be able to go down another size. That just shows that they wanted to get me for the alterations and not put me in the right dress to begin with. After all of that we bought the dress and decided to get the little alterations that needed to be done somewhere else. The staff got really rude again and we finally left.

This was not the experience I expected and I would never recommend that anyone do their wedding dress, or any other other, shopping there.

Submitted by: Nancybbb

3 Responses to “David’s Bridal – trying to squeeze me for extra dollars”

  1. theresa says:

    I had a bad experience there too. They tried to put me in the wrong size just so they could overcharge me for the alterations.

  2. Missy says:

    When I was there, the consultant got really rude with me after I told them that I would be taking the dress for alterations to a friend of mine that did them. Mood was a changed drastically and then I got irritated as well.

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