– Charged my card without me knowing

I just signed up for this site to check it out after seeing an advertisement for it. It looked like you could get some good deals, but I just wanted to check it out and see what the site was all about. Next thing I know, they have taken money from my credit card just for filling out a form.

Now all of a sudden they have money from my account and I did not know what I got for it and what they were trying to do to me. All I wanted to do was check it out. There should be no way that they can just take money without me knowing it. I have looked elsewhere online and this seems to be a common practice by them. Not to mention some other shady stuff that I have seen people complain about. Stay away.

Submitted by: AndyBloo

7 Responses to “ – Charged my card without me knowing”

  1. Donna says:

    If it is too good to be true then it usually isn’t. Be careful and read the fine print. I think that there are good deals to be had out there, but it looks like you should not go to to find them.

  2. Hanna M says:

    Crap site and crap service. Just don’t bother.

  3. Joseph says:

    Another BS site riding the penny auction wave. The interface was bad and they won’t let you look at the site without buying bids. I think I am going to be looking for good deals somewhere else.

  4. Sandra Machine says:

    I learned a lot from this post, much appreciated! 🙂

  5. alexander says:

    Was about to be th winner of the iPad 2 twice then all of a sudden the site goes down for 3 to 5 min. And then item was won by someone else . Do not trust site scammers. Also left my account signed in but firmed off my computer then when I wake-up turn on CPU and only have 95 bids what a scam.

  6. Paul says:

    Thanks guys, I was about to sign up but with the comments I just read there is no way I will. The only way to get ahead is good hard honest work, take it from me. Build a business on something you love doing (not sex… lol) and do a small business course. If in Australia do Business studies cert 4. Take special attention to marketing and you will be self employed and making a killing before you know it,. Thats what I did and I never ever thought I would have my own successful business

  7. Paco says:

    While I sympathise, they didn’t type in your credit card number and click the submit button. At the point that a site asks for your credit card number, stop and read really carefully. I went there and realised that it was essentially pay-to-play. You can’t see any auctions until you buy some number of bids. That turned me off and I didn’t give them any info.

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