DeVry – Does anyone else feel cheated

I bought into the slick advertising of the DeVry institute and I feel like it was a mistake. In the ads they are guaranteeing job placement for graduates and everything looks great.

What they don’t tell you is that most companies look down on the DeVry degree and think that it is pretty much worthless. Their so called job placement program is a website that is not very well maintained and is not much help at all.

Now if have debt and no job. Colleges that are for profit like this one should be held to a higher standard than they are. I really feel like I was lied to and ripped off.

Submitted by: dingerdude

6 Responses to “DeVry – Does anyone else feel cheated”

  1. Molly Z says:

    I had the same experience with Devry University. I spent all this money on this piece of paper that is worthless. I feel I got scammed.

    Do not waste your time!

  2. MIke says:

    DeVry is just out there to make money and not actually giving students an education or a career. There job placement is a joke.

  3. Bobby says:

    I would agree that their job placement program is worthless. Think about the really good schools out there. Do they advertise like Devry does? Money is there main concern, not you.

  4. CathyJ says:

    These for profit universities are just preying on people and trying to get them enrolled no matter what. It doesn’t matter if you can pay your student loans or even succeed in school. They just sign you up and leave you to the wolves.

  5. samory says:

    Ask yourself why you primarily wanted to go to DeVry! Be honest! It’s because it’s easier to get in. There is no challenge, everybody gets in. Once you get in, it becomes very difficult to criticize the school without feeling like a dummy; it’s very hard for the victim of a scam to talk about it, because he doesn’t want to look stupid! The reality is that no one in his right state of mind would ever try to attend a “school” that has such negative reputation. When I went to DeVry 10 years ago, there was nothing like these forums, I didn’t know better, I fell in the trap because of words like “accreditation”, “financial aid”, I thought it was legit because the government was actually giving tax payers money (financial aid) to these ‘for profit colleges”. The keyword here is “for profit colleges”, who wants to learns “information technology” in a college that is ran like a business? If you enrolled at DeVry, rest assure you will graduate, but unless you get all the necessary accredited certifications in your field, you will never find a job that helps you pay off the ridiculous amount of debt you have accumulated. Don’t fool yourself. People like me on this forum have no other motivation than helping others learn from our mistakes. Prior to going to DeVry, I had a master degree from an Ivy League college, so I knew what a college should be like. Years from now, after defaulting on your student loan, you’ll come to realize that attending DeVry was one of the worst mistakes you ever made. It’s a bitter pill to swallow!

  6. Bro says:

    Things are so much worse after my devry degree. I will never get out of debt, and the degree never got me a job anywhere ( Does not mean a thing to employers) Most think its a joke, Then they think you are an idiot for going there!! Could not repay loans so now they want 62,000 For an AA. Devry robbed me of a good education and now I am drowning in debt. Now I am 50 no job no insurance. Run from Devry as fast as you can!! Or you will regret it

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