Dish Network – customer service is a joke

A few years ago I switched to dish network and never really had any problems. Then, a few months ago I had a service issue. I called customer service several times and each time about halfway through the conversation, I was disconnected.

At this time, I had some family issues, so I never really had the time to run down stuff like this that may take hours and hours out of the day. Whenever I would get a chance, i would call and try to get the problems resolved and a tech sent out to fix our service. I still kept getting disconnected every time that I spoke with customer service. This went on for a few months, and I was finally fed up with the whole thing. The next time I called, I asked to be put in touch with the manager and asked him for a credit for the service I lost. I was then told that there was no record of me every calling in. Strange, because I had called in multiple times.

Now I am thinking to myself that they are just being shifty to get out of issuing a credit. I had already resigned myself to leaving the company, but just as an experiment, I called back later that day and sure enough, they had no record of me being on the phone with them earlier that day.

I am not one to complain and ask for refunds, but this whole situation really burned me and I was really unhappy with the whole thing.

Submitted by: maxspeed

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