eCredit Authority – Just took money from me

I have never heard of these guys before and they just took money from my bank account. I have never done business with them. nor have I ever even been to their website. This was a completely unauthorized transaction and I am pissed. It is just flat out stealing and they need to be stopped. These people should be locked up for life.

Submitted by: JuliannaG

3 Responses to “eCredit Authority – Just took money from me”

  1. joseph glass says:

    yes i went to bank and was over drawn e-credit authority took 149.95 out of my checking account i have a print out of check and i did not authorize this check for them too take money out of my account I WILL PROSECUTE THEM I WANT MY MONEY BACK!!!

  2. Tina John says:

    I checked my account and 149.95 was trying to be taken and my account was already overdrawn and e-credit authority was the name the bank gave me. This is wrong and something needs to be done about this company.

  3. Robert L. Hebert says:

    I was a victim of this thieving outfit to the tune of $149.95. After complaining to my bank that I did not authorize this charge the company refunded it to my acct. They keep bugging me. I filed a complaint with The Fair Trade Commission about their practices.

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