Expedia.com – Best price guarantee is trouble

I recently booked a trip on Expedia.com and had the worst experience trying to deal with their customer service. I was looking to talk with someone about their guarantee of giving you the best price that someone books for. After waiting for over half an hour to even speak with someone, I continually had to escalate to the next manager, because no one could actually help me.

I just felt like I was getting the run around and they were trying to do everything that they could to not give me the best price. I would suggest that you not use this site to book your vacation. There are plenty of other places out there that will actually treat their customers fairly.

Submitted by: StevieG

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  1. Shyaam says:

    No, you are not. I am a travel agent and have had some fun in the past isotrng out a few things. Without mentioning any names, internet travel sites are about taking money and bashing bookings through. Their margins simply do not allow for dealing with such mundane things as customer service. You will have to persevere but being an IATA booking on a scheduled airline you have no-one to turn to, really. All of these sites are (apparently) wonderful until things go pear shaped. Please, find a good old fashioned high street IATA travel agent and ask if they sell consolidated flights. We are members of Advantage and the airfares we have available to us are exactly the same as any of the websites and there are other agents from Worldchoice (another independent grouping). Yes, you have to pay a fee BUT you can usually hold a booking even a cheap one for a day or sometimes even two. You will get advice as to if what you are doing is daft or not and you have somewhere to go physically if things go awry. Look for an older, rather than younger agent a wiry old fox who knows what’s what and when you have found someone who knows his or her onions hold on to them for dear life. Trust me, they/ we are a not going to be about much longer!

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