Fedex – Phantom delivery

I ordered a very important piece of equipment for my business and was told that the driver would deliver it to me between 11-1. Well I was at my place of business at about 9 in the morning and was there all day. I waited and waited and 3pm rolls around and still no delivery. I called the fedex office and gave them my shipping number and they had the package listed as failed delivery. It was noted that the business was closed. How can that be if I was there all day.

I checked my security tapes that cover the front door and there was no sign of any delivery attempt and no sticker on the door. I am thinking that this guy just wanted to cut his day short and not deliver my package. This is crushing to me because I needed this piece of equipment for a job I was going to do this weekend. Needless to say, I am never going to use these jerks for anything important ever again.

Submitted by: Mikegg

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  1. Andy says:

    I had one of these fake deliveries as well. It really caused me some trouble and I was pissed as hell. Just stupid. Why not just say that you are not going to make it instead of saying that you did, but really didn’t.

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