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I wanted to get some software to help me with a grant. I went to and bought the software for a 2 dollar shipping fee to try it out. I then noticed that on my credit card statement that there were four charges from them. I had not even received the software from them yet and they were charging my account for no apparent reason.

I would never recommend trying to get help with a grant from these people.

Submitted by: Drew

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  1. Jayde Morgan says:

    Well I’m no computer whizkid but the whizkid who set up my system IS what I am not and he told me “Never EVER buy software.”
    So, people are always wanting money. Of course. Nobody ever has too much of it; at least not anyone I’ve ever heard of.

    So send in your credit card number and allow a location-unknown entity total access to your bank account. Right. That’s really smart.

    Better to do your homework, find a bank or do as I did several months ago and sign up with a CREDIT UNION. Leave the minimum amount of dollars in the account required to keep the account open. Take the rest away when you leave, tucked securely into a pocket.

    Manage your C U transactions properly and the account won’t cost you one frimpin’ dime. Very important in these days of SOBama.

    Alright alright. If you just can’t stand not finding out that the Get Millions In Grant Money is a total scam try getting in touch with the entity and ask to be allowed to pay by money order.

    You will be told “No!” so fast it’ll make your head spin. In my book that spells “Scam” and always will.

    Have sense. Don’t give away your account access info. Do not buy unnecessary things. Stash the saved money away at home. No website operator or anyone or any thing can get at what it doesn’t have your permission to do so…

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