– Thieves and frauds

I bought some gold for world of warcraft from and they took the money that I sent them through paypal. I then waited for them to send me the gold but they kept telling me that they were out of stock. I kept getting the same response, which was to just wait. Well I waited a few weeks and nothing.

I made a dispute with paypal and they told me to withdraw the dispute and they would get me what they owed me. I did and still nothing. These guys are just scamming people and they need to be stopped.

Submitted by: ZachE

3 Responses to “ – Thieves and frauds”

  1. William says:

    I just got scammed by this website. Same deal. Opened a dispute and they tell me that they’ll pay up if I close it… I’m not closing it. I tell them I will after they pay me and they IGNORE me.

  2. William says:

    “our company’s regulation is that you should cancel the dispute first then we will give you gold”


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