JustAnswer.com – Never got an answer but still got charged

On the website it says that if you are not satisfied with the answer or they are unable to give you one, then you do not have to pay. Well I needed some legal advice, but they did not answer the question. I figured that it was worth a shot, but I guess no harm no foul. Well the charged me anyway, even though they did nothing for me. Not only that, but they are now charging me monthly for absolutely nothing. I am starting to feel bad for letting this happen to me, because I think that I am smarter than that, but still. These people need to be stopped or at least put into check for their shady business practices.

Submitted by: YG

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  1. Jake says:

    I’m not sure I’d call them a scam, as I have gotten allot of good information from them in the past. However- you need to be very prepared to handle the ‘experts’ that answer your questions.
    I had a three part legal question, nothing complex, it was easier to pay a pro than spend hours on the web researching.
    Within minutes of posting my question I had ten lawyers wanting to answer me.
    The guy I picked lied about his experience and fed me a bunch of BS stupid answers…, he had no idea how to help me.
    The next guy I picked did know what he was talking about.All was going well until the last few moments when he intentionally confused the three answers by contradicting himself, and accused me of pumping him for too much info.
    He offered to go much more into depth for a tip of $200 (!) Then I too ended up on some monthly $29.99 “subscription”. I have no idea how that happened.
    Be careful on that site.

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