– This site is a complete fraud

I ordered a couple of pairs of shoes from and it looked like it was a legit site, but it seems like I have been scammed. I waited for the shoes to come but the only thing that I ever got from them was a cheap hello kitty backpack. I have been pretty leery about doing any kind of shopping on the internet and I guess this is the reason why. I have filed a complaint with Pay Pal and I am really hope that I can get my money back from these thieves. Kelly-Mall needs to be shut down, because I am sure that I am not the only one that has been ripped off by these guys.

Submitted by: Michelle

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  1. melymel says:

    This happened to me too. I like to think that I’m smarter than that, but the fact that PayPal was involved made me feel as though this was legitimate. I too filed a complaint with PayPal. Let’s see what happens.

  2. karen says:

    Same-lost $79.20and got Minnie Mouse trah bag-Paypal REFUSED to pay because they claimed the seller sent a package and that relieves them of responsibility. Seller also bought 4 items on Amazon on same day with my credit card so beware.

  3. marina says:

    so glad i read this. ive started to look for reviews on sites and products before buying and glad i did cause i was just about to buy a pair of boots and put in my card. SOOO happy i didnt! thanks for writing this!

    • AC says:

      I did the research just like Marina. So glad I did. I was comparison-shopping for a pair of shoes and this website had them for about 40 dollars lest then all of the others. And the others were only abut 7-8 dollars difference from each other. I had a gut feeling there had to be something wrong. Thank you guys for writing in. This is the firt time I have written in on a review. I hope this helps others.

    • Chioma says:

      i am so glad i read this. I found these boots on zappos website that i loved so much. But I couldn’t find my size anywhere (amazon, endless, 6pm etc.) so i googled the boots and this site came up and they had my size plus it was almost $50 cheaper than what it was at zappos! i already added it to my cart, but then i said let me google the site to see if there are any reviews on it before purchasing and voila! I’ve found so much complaints about the scam, it’s ridiculous the site is still up! I am so grateful to people like you for speaking out about the scam and warning everyone else; really thank you and I hope paypal gave you back your money 🙂

    • Anna says:

      Thank you so much I purchased them. I had not been able to locate a pair of shoes I really wanted and found it odd that they had them and they were half the price. I read this and immediately cancelled my payment on pay pal to them. Thank you for posting this!!!

  4. Kiton says:

    Oh man, I was THAT close to clicking ‘confirm payment’ when i decided to check the legitimacy of the site, as it seemed far too good to be true. Something didn’t feel right and i NEVER get that feeling. Really glad i did because i would have been bitterly disappointed and hurt at being ripped off like so many people have been. i can’t understand why paypal haven’t shut them down after so many people complaining to them that they’d been scammed and yet the bastards still operate and continue to prey on unsuspecting people. Thanks very much for posting the warning!

    • Deb says:

      Same here as Kiton. I was about to order 3 pairs of shoes, decided to check their return policy. Besides the restocking fee, it bothered me that they didn’t list where they were located and did not write proper English, so I decided to search for reviews and found this page. I’m so sorry for all of you who have lost your money but also so grateful that you shared your experiences to help the rest of us. Paypal really needs to step up here! Receiving so many complaints should make them freeze this company’s account at least for a period of investigation. I hope there is a so-called “internet police” system where you can file a complaint and hopefully shut them down!

  5. cgru says:

    Been waiting on a package from these folk. Ordered a pair of shoes, not expecting a good out come at this point. The status is still pending and no shipment but money has been charged to my card. I too have filed a complaint with pay-pal, hoping that they will step up to the plate. What Kelly-mall shoes is doing totally contradicts the personification of trust that pay-pal depicts. I am convinced that I have been scammed.

  6. AIrby says:

    I was suspicious of this site and its sister site: I placed shoes with no size in my cart to order and they did not ask for shoe size. They did however ask for my DOB. I know then these sites were not legitimate. They provide no customer service number, no return policy, no location for headquarters. I did not order. Please be aware of these sites there are multiples of them supposedly selling shoes.

  7. PISSED OFF says:

    Im so pissed i ordered shoes from this company almost two weeks ago and still havent received shoes. Paypal sucks and should have been shut this site down. This is completely ridiculous i wish there was a way to write on their website not to shop with them

  8. Cathy says:

    Boy, glad I did review research on this company before purchasing anything. If it’s too good to be true, it’s not true!! Thanks for posting your experiences people!!

  9. Diane says:

    Thank you all for posting this info here. I, too, was about to order but was uneasy about the return policy and odd $30 fee charged for returns! I almost made a huge mistake. Glad I checked the reviews first. Thanks for saving me from the hassle of being scammed!

  10. Sandie Mainwal-Price says:

    I should have checked them out. Made a shoe purchase through Paypal(thank goodness). Received a cheap plastic bag. I immediately contacted Paypal and went through the reporting process. Paypal found in my favor and issued me a refund. This company is based in China. The man who runs this website has 37 other domains(highly suspicious). BEWARE and don’t buy anything from Kelly-Mall.

  11. Steve says:

    Style Time = SCAM SCAM SCAM

    I lost $80 bucks on this fake crappy site. I should have known better, but order almost exclusively on line and this is only the second time I have had to deal with this sort of thing. Will send a dispute to paypal. Do what I can to warm peeps.

    PS: Got a really nice sponge from Style Time. But its not a $80.00 sponge

  12. Beate says:

    Sh….i did order!! Should have been smarter and figuered out something cant be right with these enourmous price differences. Order april 16th, status still says “pending” and “processes”. WHAT should i do???

  13. Very upset shopper says:

    I got scammed too. Ordered sandals from this company, never received anything. How can this company get away with this??

    Buyer Beware!!! Kelly-mall =SCAM

  14. ME TOOO!! says:

    Yikess!! I can tell you that one of the other domains is Sheesh, too late, I made purchases on both sites. Seems quite stupid in retrospect, should have researched them. Have filed a complaint with paypal, will update.

  15. Ellen says:

    I also purchased a pair of shoes and site said pending for two weeks. No response from seller. I put a dispute in with Paypal and then the seller shipped a sponge. I called Paypal as they closed the dispute and they immediately refunded my account. They are investigating. So if you paid via Paypal call them. The more people do this the better the chance of shutting down these websites

  16. Raiyah walker says:

    Thank you for sharing your terrible experience with us. I almost ordered off this site but I’m glad I decided to look up reviews before hand. The prices are Too good to be true and the website does look dodgy.

  17. marsha says:

    SORRY for your losses!! THANKS for sharing!!! I almost just spent $500 on my credit card for a few pair of FRYE boots!!!! BOOOOOOY would I have been FRIED!!! thanks, again sorry for your monetary losses!

  18. Sarah says:

    I ordered a pair of Stuart Weitzman sandals from this site on May 4, 2012. I did receive a confirmation notice right away. However, I waited for the Shipment notification that should have followed within a few days. After a couple of weeks, I began to try to contact them. I contacted them three separate times but got no response. I did pay through Paypal and have filed a complaint. I wanted to speak to someone personally but did not see a way to do that. So, I filed the dispute through Paypal’s site. I will do some research before I buy anything online again.

  19. JMG says:

    I have ordered two pairs of sandals on 10 May and it looks like they will never arrive, similar to all the stories of my predecessors complaining on this site. Next step will be filing complaint to PayPal.. What a shame!

  20. Jonni says:

    I made a purchase on May 1 from these guys and made a complaint about them to Paypal 2 weeks ago. I just got a reply from Paypal today as follows:

    “In response to your claim, the seller has provided proof of shipment
    indicating that the item was shipped to you. Because the seller was able to
    provide proof of shipment, we cannot reverse this transaction or issue a
    refund. We encourage you to continue to work directly with the seller to
    amicably resolve this matter.”

    So much for Paypal’s customer service to protect its buyers! I have never received any response to the emails I have sent to this seller, nor the product itself. If anyone knows of a class action or federal complaint for mail fraud regarding this seller, please let me know.

    • Jill says:

      I bought a pair of shoes and didn’t receive them also. Filed a complaint with PayPal, then the seller (Kelly-Mall) sent me a package so PayPal closed the claim. The package contained a shower cap. You have to call PayPal and speak to an agent to reopen the claim. PayPal sent me an email yesterday saying the funds will be refunded within 3 days.

  21. stephanie says:

    I ordered a pair of sandals two weeks ago and today I received a plastic shower cap but no sandals.I have made a complaint to paypal this site should be shut down

  22. Andrea says:

    Thank you. Thank you. For all your comments. I was afraid to order because the prices were too good to be true. I searched “Style Time Scam” and came up with these comments. You saved me! I appreciate it.

  23. Monica says:

    So glad I didn’t hit confirm! Its url for me was… It did seem too good to be true, thanks for the info.

  24. Aug says:

    I nearly lost around $50 for a pair of boots at, was suspicious of it due to the site having all the sizes available for these boots when i could only find limited sizes left on other sites. Thanks for the info!

  25. Marileigh says:

    Oh man, I lost $75 too:( I just thought that it was a safe purchase because it is PayPal endorsed. I filed a claim but it was closed due to the seller finally sending a shipping tracking number but like everyone else, I got a shower cap. I had to appeal the decision and now I’m waiting for a response. It looks like I should have called rather than just clicking the button to appeal. Honestly, I’m quickly growing very frustrated with PayPal as well because they say they will protect our purchases but I don’t feel the least bit protected and I’m sure many others feel the same.

  26. judyk says:

    Happens to me too. I received a sponge and am trying to solve this with Paypal now, will post more on the status.

    Can’t believe that Paypal knows this but continues to let them go on.

  27. jasmine Kelly says:

    Ordered a pair of shoes on Oct. 15/2012, received a sponge. Work with Paypal and it is refunded on 11/31/2012.

    I must thank the Paypal for their intergrity and restored my fiath with Paypal again.

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