– I was taken by a con artist

I know that this could happen on any type of dating website, but I thought that I was a little safer on because you had to pay for the membership. Anyway, I started talking to this man who said that he lived in my home town, but was abroad working for a couple of months. Our relationship took off and we really connected. He spoke well enough for me to think that he was a native speaker, so I really did not have any warning signs there. Finally it came down to the time that when he was supposed to come home and we would meet. A couple of days before he sends me a message that he had some sort of emergency and he needed some money to get home. I sent him over 3 grand and after that, I never heard from him again. I even went to the airport to pick him up like we had planned. This was a devastating realization when I figured out he had just scammed me. Hopefully this can help other people avoid getting played like this. I also want to be aware of this type of thing and try to stop these people from even creating a profile.

Submitted by: Laura

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