– Charged me the full amount before the trial was over

I wanted to just check the site out and see what it was all about so I signed out for the free trial. As soon as a made an account I had some messages and winks from unknown girls. Then the trial started and I found out that the winks and messages were just BS spam. Before the 3 day free trial was over they had already charged my account 100 dollars for the full membership. I called to say that this was not what I signed up for. They said that they do not do anything like that over the phone and that they would send over an email for me to respond to. The email never came and it looks like they were just trying get me off the phone and out of their hair. It looks like is just another shady site looking to prey on people.

Submitted by: Steve

9 Responses to “ – Charged me the full amount before the trial was over”

  1. BurnedGuy says:

    I experienced the same thing, they are nothing but a rip off and left me with a $99. tab for NOTHING!!

  2. Goodman says:

    SAME HERE. Call your bank!

  3. RonnieJay says:

    It,s Just Not Right I Did Not Find Any One Yet.
    Before I start Talking To Any One And Bill Me For 3 Mo On A 3 Day Trial.
    And On Top Of All This Its Hard To Get On Site.
    I Will Not this Site Again Ever.

  4. Roger Abbott says:

    They have continued to charge me 99 dollars a month despite me calling them to cancel the account! It is VERY IMPORTANT that you DEMAND a conformation Email that states that your account has been canceled and that you will not again be recharged.

    Read the Email to be sure that it states this and if you do not receive that Email CALLTEM AGAIN repeatedly until you have that Email confirming that you account is canceled! other wise they WILL continue to renew your account unless you have that Email as PROOF that it is canceled. I learned this the hard way! As a further precaution I canceled my credit card I use for the service and got a new one.

    To make matters worse what these guys at are doing is perfectly legal, because it is all written in the fine print. So if you don’t have a conformation Email or some other written documentation, that your account was canceled there isn’t squat you can do about them automatically renewing your subscription, because you have no proof.

    Granted what they are doing is unethical, it is still perfectly legal.

    Warn your friends to NEVER sing up for this sight!

    Besides the free sight Plenty of Fish is a better sight anyways. Because it is free there are TONES of people on the sight and you get more hits.

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