Mobile Media Solutions – Scam Scam Scam

It looks like this company is somehow stealing facebook accounts and trying to rip people off. I saw a link on my friend’s facebook page and he commented that he had won some free airline tickets from this site. I clicked on the link and added my cell phone number, which was required to claim my free airline tickets.

After that I closed the page and thought that this was too good to be true, and thought nothing else of it. I got a text message saying that here is my pin number for a website called The text also said that that I could reply to stop my subscription. I never signed up for anything, so I thought that I was all good.

My cell phone bill came the next month and there was a 10 dollar charge on there. This is an obvious scam and they should be stopped.

Submitted by: Mattmanboy

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  1. randy says:

    Scam where they say you have won a Wal-Mart $100 card. Hurry, hurry enter you cell phone number, they text back a pin, tell you to enter the number. Hurry, have so many seconds left. Small agreement you may miss in your haste is an agreement that tells you they will be billing your telephone account (monthly) to provide you with much needed (horoscope info). Call their “8777071775” number and you ask for a cancelation of the service. Get the employee ID and the number collect as much info as you can and check your telephone bill.
    It is a shame we have no protection from monsters anymore. It is hard to find a good job. They need to keep looking

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