Moomba Mobile Alert – Unknown text message and charge

I got a random text one day and I ignored it. When I got my bill there were a couple of charges from Moomba Mobile Alert. I never heard of these guys nor have I ever ordered anything form them. I tried to call my cell phone company and they told me that I would have to go directly to the company to get my money back.

I have since been able to stop further charges to my cell bill, but I have not figured out a way to get the money back that they already took. I really can’t figure out how to get in contact with Moomba Mobile Alert.

Submitted by: Phillip

2 Responses to “Moomba Mobile Alert – Unknown text message and charge”

  1. ML says:

    Let me know if you have had anymore luck finding a way to contact them. I have had the same thing happen…a charge on my cell phone bill but I have to contact Moomba Mobile to get my money.

  2. Lanie says:

    i had the same problem, but i called AT&T and they are able to remove the subscription and refunded what I have paid. Those customer rep who are telling you to call the company is incompetent, he doesnt know what he’s doing. Try calling like twice or thrice and hope you’ll get a knowledgeable CSR.

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