– Tried to bait and switch me

Here is a quick breakdown of the recent experience that I had dealing with It looks like

Crucial M4 CT064M4SSD2
Price when bought 2 days ago $69.99 with promotion. confirmation- around $74
Got receipt 1 day later price $104.99 – original price.
Out of stock on day of call.(today)
Called in the morning(Today)
Customer service guy said the promotion was there but they could not offer the promotion because it was the last one buy would offer a $15 dollar credit.

Called later this afternoon. Hard drive back in stock.
Lady wouldn’t budge either saying that the promotion is not there now.

Now when did people get to buy stuff off newegg and get charged something different than the confirmation before order? Not to mention solid state drives are NON RETURNABLE by agreement. So when did they not keep their side of the agreement. I demand a return.

By: NewEggFails

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  1. Another says:

    Also they keep saying “Prices change all the time”. So are they allowed to change the price after you order it and charge you for the price they change it to?

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