Playstation – Playstation Network is down again and something else

I was looking around for some news on the playstation network outage and found that there was a little more to what happened when we had that major outage that lasted for months. It looks like the new user agreement that came when the PSN came back up has a new clause in it.

I know that I never read that stuff myself, so I am sure that many other people are the same way. They have now added that when you agree to the user agreement, no also give up the right to participate in a class action suit. Come on. Can they even do that? I know that they were pretty strict on that episode of South Park, but is that legal in real life? Anyway, I think that is kind of a scam in and of itself.

On a side note, it looks like Sony will let you opt out of that clause if you send in a written letter within 30 days.

Submitted by: John

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