– Charged my account

I have never been to this site or did any kind of dealings with them and somehow they managed to get my information and take money from checking account. This is outright theft. I want my money back and for this BS company to be shut down. How can they even be allowed to do this.

Submitted by: Jamie

2 Responses to “ – Charged my account”

  1. Gabriel Griesinger says:

    i was hit by the same scam and contacted fbi, you need to go to the site and fill out the complaint form. it will be sent to washington dc from there and they will put it in their system. unfortunately you and i cannot get an investigation from the 99.49 they pulled out of our account, so we have to get the word around to people, to get an investigation. best of luck! -gabriel

  2. Ramonafelix says:

    want to cancel dis and i want may money back

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