Publishers Clearing House – Looks like a new fraud

It looks like this is going around a little bit, so I thought that I would post this to let people know about the scam. I got a call from someone claiming that they were with publishers clearing house and that I had just won a large amount of money. Over a million dollars. First red flag.

Next I was told that I needed to pay the tax on it and that if I sent them a few thousand dollars that they would be able to send me my winnings. Second red flag. I then told the guy on the phone that I have never heard of having to pay taxes ahead of time on something like this. Yes they may withhold part of the winnings for taxes, but for me to pay out of picket and up front did not go along with normal tax procedure. He hung up.

Never send anyone money in order for them to send you more money. It doesn’t make sense and sounds like any number of a different variety of scams. Something like a prince of Nigeria needs my help to get money of an account and I would just send him a couple of bucks, he will split it with me. Yeah right. Come on, this was just a different twist on an old scam. Look out.

Submitted by: JimmerJack

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  1. Laura says:

    This just happened to a friend of mine. They are asking for money up front to send you some prize. Sounds like a total scam. Especially when they just hang up when you start to ask questions.

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