Reading America – Total BS

They called my husband last year to talking about magazine subscriptons and a $1000 shopping spree.. basically got all his info and checking account info. Once I figured out what was happening, I called to cancel, they said you can’t cancel it, it was a verbal contract. A few months later, trying to cancel again, and somehow they twisted their words around acted like they would just give us more magazines for free, but of COURSE there was ANOTHER charge that month, now we’re getting charged twice a month!! Thank goodness we were able to cancel that. Still paying $25/month for magazines we don’t want. Every time I’ve been on the phone, customer service is ridiculous. Sounds like uneducated idiots trained to be annoying, obnioxious, unhelpful, sneaky, sniveling little cheats. How is a “verbal contract” holding? Now that I can see online what a scam it all is, I’m planning on cancelling the checking account that they draw the funds from. I only hope this has no repercussion on his credit report. Also will report to BBB.

By: Megan

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